Teppich auf Rechnung bestellen: Bequem & flexibel

Order carpet on account: Convenient & flexible

Would you like to give your home a new look without having to tie yourself financially right away? Ordering a rug on account could be the perfect solution for you. This convenient and flexible shopping option allows you to find the perfect rug for your rooms without having to dig into your pocket.

The convenience of purchasing on account

The option to order a carpet on account offers you the convenience of receiving the product you want without having to pay immediately. You can choose the rug at your leisure, reconsider your decision and make sure that it fits perfectly with your interior. Only after you have received the carpet do you pay the bill. This allows you to enjoy your purchase without having to worry about instant payments.

Financial Flexibility

Ordering a carpet on account gives you financial flexibility. This can be especially helpful if you've just had a major expense or want to keep an eye on your budget. Instead of having to spend a large sum at once, you can pay the amount in convenient installments or simply give yourself a little more time to pay the bill.

trust and security

Shopping on account also offers a feeling of trust and security. You receive the rug before you pay for it, meaning you get exactly what you expected. This reduces the risk of being disappointed or stuck with an inferior product. You can inspect the carpet at your leisure and make sure it meets your needs before making your payment.

Here's how it works

The process of ordering a carpet on account is usually straightforward. You simply select the carpet you want, add it to the shopping cart and select the “invoice” or “purchase on account” option during checkout. In some cases, a credit check may be carried out to ensure that you are solvent. Once you receive the carpet, you will receive an invoice with all the necessary payment information.

Flexibility and convenience for your home

Ordering a rug on account is a great way to brighten up your home without hitting your budget right away. The financial flexibility, convenience and confidence this option offers make shopping a pleasant experience. No matter whether you are looking for a viscose rug, sisal rug, wool rug or jute rug - with the option to order on account, you can give your home a new look in no time.

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