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The design and sustainability for a sophisticated application characterize carpetz.de. There are carpets made of different and sustainable materials, which are manufactured fairly. The supplier's claim is to improve the carpet market for a secure future. For this purpose, environmentally friendly materials such as viscose, lyocell, wool and sisal are used, from which the high-quality carpets are made. The company's headquarters can be found in Hamburg.


Viscose is a material made from cellulose and cotton. Although this is made from natural fibres, this is referred to as synthetic fibre. Viscose was once also called artificial silk. At that time, silk was in high demand all over the world. The Frenchman Hilaire de Chardonnet once created viscose, which had the same surface and turned out like silk. However, this was much cheaper to produce. All viscose carpets offered by carpetz.de are always in stock. Modern wool carpets create a high level of comfort in your own four walls. These feel very soft underfoot and come in many shapes and colors. On carpetz.de you can read what distinguishes wool carpets and what different advantages they have.


A hard-wearingsisal rug represents a classic and timeless style. It can be laid very well as a floor covering or placed as a runner in the rooms. The particularly rough texture with the woven pattern gives the sisal floor a very nice charm. Customers can find out more about the many advantages of the popular material at carpetz.de. Bamboo silk is made from the bamboo plant. The processing into a fiber for the carpet is comparable to the production of the high-quality viscose from an environmentally friendly and closed cycle. The stability, fiber thickness and color of the bamboo fiber is comparable to natural silk. The very soft quality and the shiny surface of the carpet are also optimal.


Today, carpets come in many high-quality production methods and variations, and the traditions of weaving and knotting date back to ancient times. Then industrialization had changed the carpet market a lot and pushed aside the manual production very much. Today there are many modern methods of production and different ways how the carpets are made and how the quality is defined. In general, the look of the carpet types can be divided into the classes of cut pile, loop pile and cut loop pile. This defines the way the yarn appears on the surface.

For example, loop pile carpets are closed loops or loops that can be recognized on the surface and are often used in offices. This is of particular importance due to durability and high quality . The velor carpet (cut pile) is cut on its surface and results in a particularly dense textile surface, with the cut side being the so-called running layer. In the case of the cut loop, these techniques are used and cut at different heights or left in the carpet as a loop.

High-quality carpets are available in many different production methods and fibres. The surface can generally be divided into three types. These are the cut sling, loop pile and cut pile. The type describes the combination of threads on the carpet surface. Therefore, for example, the sling fabric is a self-contained loop or a braid that can be seen on the surface. This carpet is particularly high-quality and hard-wearing. The velor carpet (cut pile) is always cut on its surface and creates a dense surface.

With the looping technique, both methods are used and cut at different heights or processed as a loop in the carpet. This high-quality floor covering is processed using the cut-loop technique. The carrier layer is offered in different variants. With high-quality carpets, the type of fiber is particularly important. These fibers can generally be divided into synthetic fiber and natural fiber carpets. The latter are, for example, goat hair, sheep's wool and fibers from plants such as coconut. Synthetic fibers are mostly considered the standard these days because they are particularly high-quality and hard-wearing.

At the same time, natural fibers are always available. The oldest and best carpets are therefore made of natural fibers and are considered kings of carpets. Above all, the self-cleaning is very amazing due to the unique structure of the fiber.


Shipping within Germany is free at carpetz.de. Here the customer orders securely and pays with PayPal, instant transfer, credit card or simply on account via the provider Klarna. Customers generally have a right of withdrawal.