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Rugs made from new wool (New Zealand wool)

People have always appreciated the benefits of virgin wool. Pleasant to the touch, soft and warming - that's what new wool feels like. The material is ideal for warm clothing, but also for blankets and carpets. Carpets made of new wool deserve a special mention, as they not only provide excellent warmth, but also cushion well and are easy to clean. New Zealand wool is of particularly high quality.

Wool carpets

Virgin wool from New Zealand

Sheep farming in New Zealand is mainly practiced on the main islands (Ontago, Southland). The sheep farms in New Zealand are almost all family owned. The animals grow up happily in the "wild" and feed on lush green grass and fresh white clover. In winter they are fed with grass silage and hay. This is also noticeable in the quality of the wool.

The raw material for carpets made of new wool

The sheep are sheared. The wool is pre-sorted according to quality criteria. Then the wool is cleaned. Then the New Zealand wool is combed. Now the yarn is spun from the wool. Then the new wool is cleaned again and finally processed into the desired blankets, sweaters and carpets.

What should be considered with carpets made of new wool?

The vacuum cleaner should only be operated with smooth nozzles, otherwise the hair will be roughened and the natural protection will be lost. Since this is a natural hair carpet, it should also be cleaned traditionally. Regular ventilation is important.

What are the properties?

Carpets made of new wool have always been considered classics. Sheep's wool is a very sustainable raw material because it grows again and again and the products made from it are very durable. The heat is stored well between the individual hairs. The lanolin repels dust, dirt and moisture.

Carpets made from new wool are skin-friendly, self-cleaning, anti-static, flame-retardant, temperature-regulating and also help to improve the room climate.

Why is New Zealand wool so prized and popular for use in carpets?

This wool is of particularly high quality as it is only obtained from healthy, full and pretty animals. The special quality also results from the step-by-step processing. New Zealand wool is white. This makes it easier to dye the wool any color you like. This new wool is very fine and still warms very well. This increased the wearing comfort.

quality properties

In addition to the properties already mentioned (soft, light, shiny, long-staple) , New Zealand wool is antibacterial and suitable for allergy sufferers. This is a very valuable property, especially in Europe, where allergies are constantly increasing. Carpets made of new wool are therefore becoming more and more important (New Zealand wool). The new wool from New Zealand can also be felted and fulled very well. Another special feature of New Zealand wool is that the fiber flow is always visible. This is what makes this new wool so appealing for carpets.

Carpet new wool beige

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Carpet new wool beige

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How are new wool carpets cleaned?

A short airing is enough to clean the carpet. However, it must not be exposed to direct sunlight or fog. Wool can very well absorb nicotine from the room air without smelling itself. The next time it is aired, the nicotine is removed from the carpet made of new wool (New Zealand wool). Of course, the carpet can also be vacuumed. Small rugs can also be washed in the washing machine on the wool program. Traditionally, virgin wool (New Zealand wool) rugs are washed on the lawn with ordinary soapy water and air dried.

Stains can easily be dabbed off with a dry kitchen towel. Stains can also be dried and easily scraped off. Under no circumstances should stains be made wet, as this will penetrate the interior of the fibre.

The storage of the carpet

Carpets made from new wool (New Zealand wool) should always be stored lying flat, wrapped around a cardboard tube. Best in a dark, cool and dry place.

Handwoven rugs made from new wool

Hand-woven carpets score with particularly good quality and durability. For living areas that are heavily used, such as kitchens or entrance areas, however, the fulling process is recommended. The scales of the individual hairs are worked on until they get caught and are therefore particularly resistant. For this purpose, after the spinning process, the weft thread is mechanically felted by pulling, fulling, pressing and kneading. This also causes the surface to be compacted so that dust and dirt cannot penetrate as easily. Abrasion is almost impossible. The surface is easier to clean and the carpet lies better because this manufacturing technique also makes it heavier.

Sheep's wool rugs

To prevent the carpets from slipping, it is advisable to place carpet fleece or a carpet grid underneath. Carpets made of new wool turn every room into an oasis of well-being. Children love the pleasant feel of the carpet and like to play on it. The carpets are very dimensionally stable and yet elastic.

There is an almost infinite variety of colors and patterns to choose from. However, natural colors and coarser structures are the most popular. Rugs made from new sheep's wool convey a natural charm that makes every area feel homely.

The advantages of carpets made of new wool (New Zealand wool)

In times of climate change, a healthy indoor climate is particularly important. Wool carpets are ideal for this. If you are allergic, a New Zealand wool rug is ideal for you. Wool carpets are extremely easy to clean. They have an antibacterial effect and filter out bad smells. In addition, they have a temperature-regulating effect. This means they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition, they can of course also lie on a floor with underfloor heating. They don't get dirty so quickly and give every room a pleasant flair. If you have children, carpets made of new wool (New Zealand wool) are ideal. They cushion running children's feet, offer a soft surface for playing and reading and are dirt and odor-resistant. Dogs and cats can romp as much as they want, and that doesn't harm these carpets made of natural fibers either.

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