Was bedeutet Punkte/m² bei Teppichen?

What does dots/m² mean for carpets?

When choosing a rug, you might be wondering what "points/m²" means. Here is the most important information.

Dots/m² is a unit of measure used to describe carpets. It indicates how many knots there are per square meter in a carpet. This value is an important indicator of the quality and fineness of the carpet.

A carpet is usually made by tying knots. The more knots are tied per square meter, the tighter the knotting and the finer the surface of the carpet. A higher number of points/m² means that more knots were tied in a small space.

The number of points/m² has a direct impact on the durability and durability of the carpet. A more densely knotted carpet with a higher dots/m² count is generally more resistant to wear and tear. The knots hold together better and prevent the carpet from wearing out quickly or losing fibers.

In addition, the points/m² number also influences the look of the carpet. A carpet with a higher points/m² number tends to have a finer texture and a more detailed pattern. The colors appear more intense and the surface feels softer and more pleasant.

It is important to note that the dots/m² number is not the only criterion that should be considered when choosing a carpet. Other factors such as the material of the carpet, the type of knotting and the overall design also play a role. Nevertheless, the number of dots/m² can be used as a guide to assess the quality and fineness of a carpet.

When choosing a rug, you should consider your individual needs and preferences. A carpet with a higher points/m² number may be of higher quality, but it can also come with a higher cost. Consider how the rug will fit into your space and what you need in terms of durability and appearance. Carefully considering these factors will help you find the right rug for your space.

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