Material-Lexikon: Teppiche aus Viskose - carpetz

Material lexicon: carpets made of viscose - tips & tricks

Viscose is used in numerous areas of the textile industry because the material is one of the most popular fabrics in the world. Carpets made of viscose are also often requested because the fabric has many advantages. You can find out what these are here.

What is viscose?

The basis of viscose is cellulose . The fabric is obtained from the wood of spruce, beech or bamboo. Various chemical substances are then added to the natural substance, which turn the end product into a synthetic substance. In the so-called viscose process, the cellulose fibers are pressed through nozzles with water, carbon disulfide and caustic soda at high pressure. Thus, viscose counts as a semi-synthetic material and cannot be clearly declared as a natural fiber or as a synthetic fiber.

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Viscose carpets

Carpets made of viscose - the properties

Technically and visually, viscose is very similar to cotton. Compared to cotton, however, viscose is easier to clean, which is a big plus for viscose carpets in particular.

Viscose carpets are absorbent and can therefore be dyed without any problems. In addition, the fabric can be printed well, so that the carpets are now available with many beautiful patterns.

How does a viscose carpet feel?

The fabric is pleasantly soft and does not scratch. Visually, viscose carpets have a silky look, which is also noticeable in the feel. Viscose is very smooth and gives your feet a cozy feel-good experience.

Sustainability - Is viscose a natural fiber?

Viscose carpets are based on the renewable raw material cellulose. In contrast to carpets made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, no petroleum is used for the production. Pesticides are also largely excluded when cultivating cellulose. Viscose is a versatile fabric that has many advantages and is also very popular in the clothing industry in addition to carpet production.

  • No petroleum is used
  • Pesticides are largely excluded when cultivating cellulose
  • Very popular for making carpets and fashion

Unfortunately, a viscose carpet does not only have positive aspects. A lot of energy is required for production using the viscose process, as this process is very complex.

Viscose carpets for an exclusive living experience

Nowadays, viscose rugs are very popular in German living rooms. Due to the stunning shine, the carpet gets a very valuable look. He spreads this aura across the entire room. As the highlight and focal point of the room, the viscose carpet provides a very sublime and exclusive living experience that creates a luxurious feeling.

Popular colors and patterns

Viscose carpets are available in a wide variety of shades and color combinations. With pattern or without, printed or unprinted. The beautiful carpets in simple colors are very popular, such as grey, which almost looks like metallic silver due to the shiny fabric. Red and blue are also popular. Either in delicate, pastel-like color nuances or really strong and rich tones.

Viscose carpet grey
Viscose carpet grey
Viscose rug beige

Viscose rug beige

Cleaning viscose carpet

(All cleaning tips are subject to change).

Before you start cleaning the viscose carpet, you should check the direction of the fibers, because cleaning against the direction of the fibers can damage the carpet.

Carpet sweeper for dirt

A carpet sweeper can be used to remove dirt from the viscose carpet. With this, the dirt can be carefully removed from the carpet. A vacuum cleaner with a regular attachment should be avoided.

Vacuum cleaner attachments for special cleaning of viscose carpets

If you don't have a carpet sweeper at hand and would like to save the investment at best, you can also work with a special vacuum cleaner attachment for viscose carpets. The normal vacuum cleaner attachments are too sharp and should be avoided at all costs.

A lot of caution is also required with the special attachment and the carpet should always be vacuumed in the direction of the fibers.

Remove stains on the viscose carpet

With dishwashing liquid: If the viscose carpet has been accidentally soiled with stains, commercial dishwashing liquid can be used for most carpets. Simply mix a small amount of dishwashing liquid with cold water in a bucket. This mixture is then used with a clean cloth to remove the stains from the viscose carpet.

With vinegar: If dishwashing detergent has no effect, vinegar can be used as an alternative. Here you should opt for white wine vinegar, as it is not so aggressive. The vinegar is mixed with water in a bucket and applied to the stain with a cloth.

Professional carpet cleaning

If the tips described above do not lead to the result, professional carpet cleaning should be commissioned.

Order viscose rugs online

The velvety soft and delicately shiny viscose rugs can be easily ordered online. The delivery is rolled, so that the shipping costs of the carpets are manageable and many online shops offer free shipping. The return, if you don't like the carpet, is also very uncomplicated. To do this, the carpet simply has to be rolled up again and wrapped in foil so that it is protected from damage during transport. The rolled-up carpet can then be given a return sticker and handed in at the nearest parcel shop.

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