Machine-woven carpets

A machine-woven rug has the same basic construction as a hand-knotted rug. It is made from the same materials. The main difference between a machine-woven and a hand-woven rug lies in the manufacturing process.

Precision manufacturing

A machine-knotted rug involves tying thousands of knots at a time, all perfectly uniform in size and shape. This can be done much more efficiently with the help of computer technology than by human hands. A machine-woven rug is therefore a wonderfully functional addition to any home, offering not only style but also warmth, comfort and security.

Machine-woven carpets can also have a pile, often printed with modern prints, and sometimes printed on just one side of the carpet.

Sturdy & durable

The machine woven rugs are more durable than hand knotted rugs as they can withstand foot traffic, sunlight, fading and all other environmental conditions. These carpets can be used for various purposes such as hotel carpets, restaurants and homes.

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