Machine tufted

"Machine Tufted" is a technique used in the manufacture of carpets. It involves stitching fibers (such as wool or synthetic materials) through a needle machine and incorporating them into the backing material (usually some type of fabric) to create the desired pattern or design.

This happens quickly and efficiently in contrast to hand-knotted carpets. Machine tufted rugs are often less expensive than hand knotted rugs and have the advantage of being quick to produce and available in a wide range of patterns and colours. However, they are usually not as durable as hand-knotted rugs.

Different types of carpets can be produced using the technique of machine tufting. This includes, for example, loop pile rugs, where the fibers are pierced through the back of the rug and then pulled back up to form a loop. A loop pile is created by cutting off the loops. Another type of machine-tufted carpet is cut-pile carpet, where the fibers are cut off to create a smooth pile.

There is also a combination of loop pile and cut pile carpets, called cut loop carpets, which contain both loop pile and cut pile areas. Example: viscose carpets

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