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The best carpets for cold floors - tips for saving energy

Why a carpet is important when the floor is cold

A carpet can play an important role when the floor is cold, in order to keep and store heat in the room. Without a carpet, the floor can get extremely cold, especially in the colder months. A rug can therefore help save energy by insulating the room to keep it warmer.

Which carpets are suitable for cold floors?

Whether flat pile or high pile, wool or sisal, every carpet has different properties and is therefore more or less suitable for thermal insulation.

Here are some rugs that are particularly good for cold floors:

  • Shaggy Rugs: Shaggy rugs have a long and dense fiber that can help keep the floor warm.

  • Fluffy rugs : Fluffy rugs are a good choice for cold floors as they can retain a lot of heat and keep your feet comfortably warm.

  • Rugs made from natural fibers: Rugs made from natural fibers such as wool or cotton are also good at storing heat and are therefore a good choice for cold floors. They also ensure a uniquely natural look in the interior.

Saving energy made easy: How to choose the right carpet for cold floors

There are a few things you can do to save energy by choosing a rug that:

  • Choose a carpet with a high fiber density: the denser the carpet's fibers, the better the carpet's ability to retain heat and insulate the floor.

  • Choose a carpet with good insulation: Carpets with good insulation can help to reduce heat loss and thus save on heating costs.

  • Use a rug underlay: A rug underlay can help the rug lay better and retain heat. In addition, a carpet underlay also prevents the carpet from slipping and protects it from wear and tear.

A warm bedroom for restful nights: the advantage of a carpet

A warm and comfortable carpet in the bedroom is a valuable investment that not only protects against cold feet, but also ensures a healthy indoor climate.

Anyone who has opted for floor coverings such as laminate or vinyl floors in the living area can partially use carpets in the bedrooms and bathrooms. A good carpet in the bedroom not only contributes to a comfortable foot feeling, but is also a decisive factor for a restful sleep.

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